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Lancaster, PA

Early in July, my mother visited my sister and me, and we decided to take a day trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It wasn’t a far drive – only 1.5 hours – and we’d been talking about taking Mum there for months. We used to live in Pennsylvania when my sister and I were kids. Mum wanted to see the Amish, so we thought, why not?

We had a late start. The Lancaster Central Market is only open three times a week. On Saturdays, it’s open from 6 AM to 2 PM. By the time we got out the door, it was already 11:30! Nonetheless, we were able to make it to the market by 1 PM. Parking in the immediate block was ridiculous (traffic too), so we parked a few blocks away and walked.

We entered the main building where there were dozens of stalls that sold ready-made food, meats, seafood, flowers and plants, and other non edibles (candles, trinkets, etc.). I knew the market was going to close soon, so I quickly went through the stalls. I grabbed a box of oatmeal cookies and almond cookies, some pickles (they had deliciously flavored ones like hot pepper), and a gyro and Greek iced-coffee. It’s never a good idea to shop while hungry! I would have bought more but I ran out of hands to carry more 😉

After the market, we ventured into the countryside where the farms resided. We made a quick stop by an Amish family owned greenhouse. I was ecstatic to find lavender plants for only $1.69 each! I had been looking for lavender plants at Lowe’s and Home Depot for a few weeks, and I finally found them at this greenhouse. I bought three of them (maybe I should have gotten more of them?), and they’re doing quite well despite the heat and humidity.

We chose The Amish Village in Ronks, PA, mostly because it was the highest rated Amish tour on Yelp. We took the Farmhouse and Village tour, with a 20-minute guided tour of the Farmhouse and a self-guided tour of the Village (pretty good deal for $9.75!). My mom really enjoyed the Village tour, which included farm animals (horse, mules, donkeys, chickens, peacocks, and goats). She adorably took pictures of everything ^^

The village was quite busy, and it was obvious that other people found this tour through Yelp or other online sources. I’m really glad we went – I think my family had a lot of fun and enjoyed the greenery. It was a good chance to get away from the busy cities and to experience something different.

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